What’s next…


Where do we go from a weekend like this?

Mark this in your calendar :
1. Startup drinks at the new venue The Copper Pig on March 26th Tuesday.


It was a great venue for us and we will be changing over to the Copper Pig. Now that we know each other even better, we need to keep on meeting and solidifying the relationships.

The next step also is continuing to build the startup community by raising our hand to join as 1 of the 15 for the Start Up Canada web portal.

Will and Shauna have a meeting tomorrow with the rest of the startup Canada team and will let everyone know how they can help us out.

In the meantime , keep telling people you know about your incredible weekend and the importance of the startup community in Prince George.

It is about :
1. Jumping in and collaborating
2. Being scared but still taking action
3. Not knowing all the steps but trusting in the process of being an entrepreneur
4. Supporting one another
5. That failure is not failure but a chance to pivot
6. We are stronger together than a part

Thank you Prince George for letting us be a part of this weekend.

To the participants that showed up fully and sucked the juice right out!

To the mentors and coaches for sharing their time and wisdom.

For the volunteers for asking how you could help when we didn’t know how to fit you in.

To the financial sponsors for your support in us before anyone really understood what this startup community even meant!

To our contributing sponsors for the prizes that celebrated the efforts of the weekend!

To Marion from Startup Weekend for travelling all the way to hold the energy for us as we birthed this startup community this weekend.

“It does take a village to build a startup community”(quote by the one and only William Cadell) and luckily for us we have that in here in Prince George!

With much Gratitude for filling our hearts with your passion for Start up culture,

Shauna, Will and Mick